Technical Details.

Behringer Mixer

ESI Sound Card

AKG Microphone

Mairlist Software

Easy Sunday

Easy Sunday is an entertainment programme produced and presented by Al (Allan) Smart, and is suitable for broadcast at any time of the day, or night, on a Sunday. It is fully supported by a professional jingle package promoting Easy Sunday.

The Easy bit means there will be loads of music. Songs from the 1950’s through to carefully selected current releases; from rock to the occasional light classical track – easy on the ear.

There are some extra bits including: the time-line, celebrity birthdays, No 1s, and a different featured artist or group for each hour. The program is “semi live” i.e. date specific, further enhancing your schedule by lending an identity to the day’s output – something generic programmes seem to lack.

Easy Sunday is 2 hours in total. It is provided as 2 blocks of 1 hour each, allowing the programme to be split for news, station identification etc. or as 1 complete 2 hour programme – the choice is yours. Each hour will always end on an instrumental tune at approximately 0:55 minutes. It is normally provided one full week ahead of the intended transmission date via my dropbox account, or preferably, WeTransfer.

Easy Sunday is free of charge to hospital, internet and community radio stations – easy on the pocket.

If you would like a complete sample programme please visit my Mixcloud site (link in footer), or why not take a listen to one of the stations broadcasting the programme. Alternatively, please email me here.